Is electromagnetic radiation harmful to our health?

The effect of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones on our health is a controversial topic that is dividing experts. There is cause for concern as practically everyone owns a mobile phone. With 6 billion mobile phone user's in the world, even a minor harmful health effect could have a major impact. 

Whatever the answer, scientific researchers and public authorities around the world agree on one fact: further research is required, especially regarding the potential risk of cancer.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) which forms part of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified the fields of electromagnetic radiation from radio frequency, including those emitted by mobile phones and cordless telephones, as ‘potentially causing cancer in humans’. This decision came following a close scrutiny of several hundred epidemiological studies on the subject that found a possible link between the use of mobile phones and the presence of certain cancers (for example, there is a greater risk of gliomas linked to the use of a mobile phone for 30 minutes a day over a ten year period). 

As a measure of precaution, while awaiting the results of further related research, the Ministry of Health, the ANSES and the INPES have produced guidelines for the safe use of mobile phones.

Why do scientific bodies, public authorities and manufacturers in the field make certain recommendations for the use of your mobile phone?

While waiting for a global consensus from scientific research about the effect of radiation from mobile phones on our health, it is recommended to use certain precautionary measures. The safety measures that are recommended are as follows: 

1. Use a headset for your mobile phone
This is the most common recommendation given in order to distance the mobile phone from the head when calling. Unfortunately, one can inadvertently expose a different part of the body when carrying the mobile in a pocket. Mobile phone manufacturers recommend keeping a distance between the body and the mobile phone.

2. Avoid using the mobile phone while travelling at high speed. (train, plane)

3. Try to use areas with good mobile phone coverage and reception.

4. Where possible, try to communicate using texting or email.

5. Obtain mobile phones with the lowest possible SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).

6. Do not call too often and keep conversations short, especially for children and teenagers.

What is the Fazup Technology?

The Fazup patch contains a passive antenna that interacts with the integrated antenna of the mobile phone. Fazup modifies the spectrum of radiation of the mobile phone in order to reduce as much as possible the emission of radiation towards your head when you call, and towards your body when you carry your phone on you (a protective screen). As each mobile phone is conceived differently, the correct positioning of the patch is essential and must be very precise in relation to each model of compatible mobile phone. For this reason, Fazup provides an exclusive system using a positioning tool which guarantees the optimal protection as validated in laboratory conditions. Unlike other devices, Fazup does not redirect the radiation towards the back of your mobile and does not increase the radiation on other surfaces. For this reason, Fazup can protect without exposing other body zones to radiation, or exposing other persons in your immediate vicinity.

How is Fazup different from other products on the market?

1. Fazup is the only protective product able to provide such high reductions in SAR (up to 99%) as validated in a laboratory certified by Cofrac.

2. Fazup publishes all the official reports for SAR reduction for every compatible model of mobile phone.

3. Fazup has the only scientifically proven technology able to adapt to 13 different models of mobile phone (new ones currently being developed).

4.  Fazup is transparent about its level of protection.

5. Fazup protects you above current standards by providing global expertise and does not raise the SAR of your mobile phone. Fazup is certified to reduce SAR on foreign frequency bandwidth to maintain protection during your travels.

6. Fazup provides the best comparative value for money. 

7. Fazup is easy to use, is extra slim and will not interfere with your current accessories.

8. Fazup is made in France where top world standards need to be met. 

9. Fazup has a high tech design.


Does Fazup interfere with the quality of reception of your mobile phone?

In certain conditions of very poor reception and on mobile phones with weaker network reception, Fazup can slightly reduce reception. The phenomenon is very marginal in comparison to the high protection that Fazup provides on a daily basis. The fact that the impact on reception is so low is actually on the major assets of our technology with regards to the very high level of SAR reduction. 

Note that the level of radiation of your mobile phone can vary from 1 to 1000 depending on the levels of reception. One minute of communication in in extremely poor conditions of reception is equivalent to three hours in optimal conditions in terms of electromagnetic emissions.

At times when your mobile phone has little or no reception, it emits at its highest level and Fazup is then most useful. Furthermore, in certain other conditions of mobile phone use, Fazup can increase the quality of reception of your mobile.